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Rebo is a grape produced from the cross between Merlot and Teroldego.

About sixty years ago Rebo Rigotti directed a research project by the Oenological Institute of San Michele all’Adige aimed at improving the varieties of Trentino cross-breeding them with the most famous international varieties. He gave his name to the one which he thought had obtained the best result, that is the cross between the Merlot grape and the Teroldego grape. The Rebo grape was planted in Trentino but only enjoyed modest success and limited diffusion.

About 25 years ago, by happy circumstance, a small vineyard was planted on the Brescian shore of Lake Garda.


Its grapes attracted the attention of a well-known oenologist in the area, Giuseppe Piotti, who made wine from it with remarkable results. It is thanks to him that this great grape became popular in Valtènesi, where, perhaps, the greater amount of sun and the more limited systems of vine growing with respect to the Trentino Pergola, have favoured its great success. The Rebo grape is a great variety from the oenological point of view, with a small grape, which has thick resistant skin, and is  a  deep, dark colour.

Le Chiusure started to plant Rebo in 1992 and a few years later Malborghetto was created, from the name of our property according to the Napoleonic Land Register.

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